Map of Redbank

Map of Redbank
Map of Redbank

Sunday, August 10, 2014

John Harman-Blacksmith and Farmer of Redbank Township in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

John Harman was a large red headed man according to one of his descendants.
He was a blacksmith and farmer in Redbank Township in Armstrong County.  He was married three times and had at least 15 children.  He was a son of Daniel Harman and Elizabeth and was born in Millersburgh, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania according to an 1854 marriage record at the Jefferson County Courthouse.  There is a birth record at the Salem Evangelical Church in Killinger, Upper Paxton Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (about 3 miles from Millersburgh) that is believed to be his.  Johannes Herman (Herman is a surname variation for Harman/Harmon) was born on 17 December 1807 and was baptized at the church there. The parents were Daniel Herman and Elizabeth and the sponsors were Johannes Miller and Rahel.

John Harman's oldest son in the 1850 census was Hiriam age 22.  There is a birth and baptism record at the Salem Evangelical Church for a Hiram born 22 November 1827 and baptized 28 September 1828.  The parents were Johann Hermann and Catharina and the sponsor was Elizabeth Hermann.  

John Harman's three wives were 1) Catharine Harman (daughter of Jacob Harman), 2) Elizabeth Brooks, and 3) Lydia Bish (first husband was Jacob H. Freedline).  

John Harman probably married Catharine Harman sometime prior to the birth of their son Hiram in 1827.  A Bill for the Specific Performance of a Contract, James Kerr versus the Administrators of Jacob Harman, Deceased, Number 11 June 1842 at the Armstrong County Courthouse names the children of Catharine Harman who was deceased.  The children who were minors at that time were Hiram, Levina, Anna, Uriah, Elizabeth, Sarah, and John.  These names are the same or variations of the names of John Harman's older children in the 1850 census.  There are census and other records for Uriah Harman (1833-1907) but no later records have been found for any of their other children.  If anyone knows who John and Catharine Harman's daughters married, please contact me.

John Harman's second wife was Elizabeth Brooks.  She appears in the 1850 census with him but is deceased by 1854 when he weds his third wife Lydia Freedline.  Their children were Emilene, Emanual, William J., Mary Catherine, and Hannah.  Elizabeth's maiden name is given as Brooks on the death certificates for three of her children.
1)  Emeline (1843-1923) married Daniel Wolfe (1824-1890) about 1858 and had at least 14 children.  Twelve children lived long enough to become adults.
2)  Emanuel (1844-1919) married Judith Hinderliter (1837-1900) and Mary A. Hartman (1848-1937).  He had at least 3 children to his first wife.
3)  William J. (about 1848-before 1880) married Mary A. Mauk (1856-1905) about 1871.  They had at least 3 children.  She later married Michael Boyer  (1836-1911) and Boaz D. Blose (1844-1921).  William J. was in Company D, 107th Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War and applied for a pension in 1876.
4)  Mary Catharine (1849-1931) married Henry Troutman (1844-1898) about 1870.  The 1900 census states she was the mother of 13 children with 11 living.
5) Hannah (1850-1926) married John J. Smith (1842-1918) about 1866.  The 1910 census states she is the mother of 17 children with 12 living.

John Harman's third wife was Lydia Bish (1815-1900).  She had 8 children to her first husband Jacob H. Freedline (1814-1854).  She was married to John Harman on 12 September 1854 according to a marriage record at the Jefferson County Courthouse.  Their children were Irvin, Cornelius, and Susanna, and possibly Rachel (Susanna and Rachel may be the same person in the 1860 and 1870 census).
1)  Irvin (1855-1929) married Susan M. Howard (1863-1934) on 31 May 1877.  The 1910 census states she is the mother of 12 children with 10 living.
2)  Cornelius (about 1857-before 1900) married Elizabeth before 1880.  They had at least 1 daughter.
3)  Susanna (1859-1948) married Michael Thomas (1858-1931) after 1880.  The 1910 census states she is the mother of 6 children with 5 living.

John Harman appears in the 1870 census in Redbank Township, Armstrong County but his wife Lydia is a widow in the 1880 census in Redbank Township, Clarion County.  There are no deed or estate records for John Harman at the Armstrong County Courthouse.  He died sometime between 1870 and 1880 but it is not known where he is buried.  If anyone is aware of a tombstone for him, please contact me.

I am willing to share what information I have on this family with anyone that is interested.  If anyone has any additional information on John Harman or his wives and their descendants, please contact me.  I have tried to be as accurate as possible but corrections are always welcome.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Daniel Wolf Begat 21 Children

Daniel Wolfe was a son of John Wolf and Christina Wolfgang.  He was born 3 July 1824 and died 15 December 1890.  His death notice in the Jeffersonian Democrat in Brookville, Pennsylvania for 8 January 1891 stated "Daniel Wolf, one of the oldest residents of Knox Township, died on  December 15th, ultimo, of dropsical affection and heart disease, aged about 70 years.  He had been a resident of Knox nearly, if not quite, 40 years.  He was the father of 21 children, 14 of whom are living."  He was married twice.  His first wife was Rachel L. Bailey, a son of Bill Bailey.  Their children were:

1.  Jacob E., born 26 August 1846-died 2 February 1926
2.  Daniel born about 1847
3.  John S., born 27 August 1850-died 7 April 1919
4.  Hannah born about 1851
5.  Christina born about 1854

Only Jacob E. who married Christena Yoder and John S. who married Catherine Gearhart lived long enough to marry and have children.

Daniel was married to Emeline Harman, a daughter of John Harman and Elizabeth Brooks.  They had 12 children who lived long enough to marry.  The names of two children who died young are listed in the census. 

1.  Frederick M., born 8 November 1859-died 25 November 1909, married May Yount
2.  Conrad Lincoln, born 29 May 1861-died 27 May 1954, married Sarah Emma Dilla Himes and Mary Elizabeth Barr
3.  Samuel Peterson, born 16 November 1862-died 21 July 1956, married Mary C. Fenstermaker
4.  Lavina born about 1864
5.  Catherine Elizabeth, born 3 April 1867-died 1 February 1906, married Jeremiah M. Emery or Emerick
6.  Erven born about 1869
7.  Joseph Henry, born 24 January 1874-died 28 March 1932, married Clara Covel
8.  Susan Alice born November, 1875-died 30 September 1941, married William A. Yount
9.  Martha Ellen, born 21 March 1879-died 2 June 1962, married Maurice Clontz and Joseph Zimmer
10.  Aaron Neal, born 7 May 1881-died 1 May 1932, married Sarah Ann Hetrick
11.  Harry Blaine, born 18 September 1884-died 27 January 1971, married Mary May Smith
12.  Edward Michael, born 22 March 1886-died 28 August 1946, married Martha May McDowell
13.  Anna, born 6 August 1888-died 5 May 1978, married Ira Alfred Mauk
14.  Emma Ella M., born 6 August 1888-died 21 September 1970, married Adam Dinsmore

Daniel had at least 5 children to his first wife Rachel and at least 14 children to his second wife Emeline.  The names of his other two children are not known.

Since different birth dates were given in different records for some of the children, there may be some discrepancies.  The last two children of Daniel and Emeline were twins.  Emeline's birth date is listed as 15 October 1843 on her tombstone and death certificate although she was only four years old in the 1850 census.  She was about twenty years younger than her husband Daniel when she married him and was 16 years or younger when her first child was born.  She married John Henry Covel on 12 May 1891.  He was about twenty years younger than her since he was born about 1864.

I have a lot of information on Daniel's descendants and would like to share this information with anyone interested in his family.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Benjamin Boddorf/Battorff/Batdorf of Berks County and Redbank Township in Armstrong and Clarion County, Pennsylvania and His Children

Benjamin Boddorf first appears in the records of Armstrong County on 6 March 1837 when he purchases 104 acres from David and Salome Keck in Redbank Township, Armstrong County.  He sells his property in Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania on 13 April 1839.  He appears in the 1840 census in Redbank Township, Armstrong County with his family.  He is not in the 1850 census in Redbank Township, Clarion County but appears in the 1860 census in Redbank Township, Clarion County.  He last appears in the 1870 census with his son Isaac and his family in Redbank Township, Clarion County.  He transfers 89 acres to his son Isaac on 27 June 1864.

Benjamin Boddorf was married to Sarah Miller and lived in Bethel Township, Berks County where his children were baptized at St. Paul's (Klopp's) Church in Bethel Township, Lebanon County.  This church is located just over the line between Berks and Lebanon County.  Benjamin's parents were Christopher and Catharina Battorff.  The last name is spelled many different ways.  Christopher Battorff's parents were Christian Battorff and Eva Regina Karsnitz.  Christian's father was Martin Batdorf.  Much additional information is available regarding this family for anyone that is interested.

Benjamin had the following known children:

Rebecca (5 June 1831-11 May 1909) married Josiah Fenstermaker

Ella Mina (about 1832-died after 20 March 1902) married Jonathan S. Himes

Amos (22 August 1833-27 October 1910) married Caroline Keck

Elisabeth (born 15 August 1834)

Benjamin (born 29 October 1835)

Isaac (25 August 1837-4 June 1923) married Caroline Stahlman

Catherina (born 10 November 1840-baptized at Yeany's Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Redbank Township)

Benjamin's brother, Leonard Battorf was living in Porter Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania in the 1850 census and had died by September, 1873 when his heirs hired Joel Spyker as their attorney to collect money owed to their father's estate.  Leonard's two sons, Leonard and Andrew were living in the Armstrong and Jefferson County area but it is not known if they had any descendants.

There was a Sarah Batdorff living with John and Magdalena Reitz in the 1860 census in Beaver Township, Jefferson County.  This may be a daughter of Benjamin Boddorf.  There is an entry for a Rena M. Boddorf, d/o J.B. and S.,died 8/6/1836 1m 26d in Patricia Steele's Tombstone Hoppin'.  This may also be a daughter of Benjamin Boddorf.

Benjamin has descendants in the Armstrong County, Clarion County, Jefferson County, and surrounding areas today that spell their last name Boddorf.  If anyone is interested, I would like to share information with you.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Will the correct Solomon Himes please step forward!

There were four men by the name of Solomon Himes living in the counties of Armstrong, Clarion, and Jefferson County, Pennsylvania that were born within a few years of each other from 1836 to 1840.  Many people that have a Solomon Himes from one of these counties as an ancestor associate them with the wrong parents.  I will attempt to look at each of the four men by the name of Solomon Himes and explain why I have placed them with a particular Himes family.

1)  Solomon Himes who was born 1 April 1836 and died 13 July 1909 was a son of Peter Himes and Eva Shaffner/Shoffner.  The original baptismal record from the "Yeany" Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church near Shannondale in Clarion County, Pennsylvania gives his parents' names as Petrus and Eva Heims.  He was married to Lucina Smith and was in Company I, 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Civil War.  He is buried at St. John's (Windy Hill) Cemetery in Rose Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.  Photographs of Solomon and Lucina's tombstones are on the Find A Grave website.

2)  Solomon Himes who was born 12 August 1838 and died 16 December 1889 was a son of Henry Himes and Salome Moser.  The original baptismal record from the "Yeany" Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church near Shannondae in Clarion County, Pennsylvania gives his parents' names as Heinrich Heim and Salome.  He was married to Rebecca Best.  He is buried at Saint Jacobs Union Cemetery in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.  Photographs of Solomon and Rebecca's tombstones are on the Find A Grave website. 

3)  Solomon Himes who was born 8 January 1840 and died 6 June 1911 was a son of William Himes and Caroline Wonderling.  A transcribed baptismal record of the Trinity Reformed Church record by Cornelius Koppenheffer gives his birthdate as 6 January 1840 and his parents' names as William and Caroline Heim.  His tombstone gives his birthdate as 8 January 1840.  He was married to Lucetta.  He is buried at Shannondale Union Cemetery in Shannondale, Clarion County, Pennsylvania.  A photograph of Solomon and Lucetta's tombstone is on the Find A Grave website.

4)  Solomon Himes who was born 18 September 1837 and died 31 August 1897 was a son of  Christian Himes and Ann Mary Rettinger.  A Solomon aged 14 appears in the 1850 census with Christian Himes and a Solomon aged 23 appears in the 1860 census with Christian Himes in Redbank Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Elizabeth and was in Company A of the 78th Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War.  He is buried at the North Freedom United Methodist Church Cemetery in North Freedom, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.  A photograph of Solomon and Elizabeth's tombstone is on the Find A Grave website.

If anyone wants to verify the birthdates for the first two Solomon Himes listed above, the original "Yeany" Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church records should be consulted rather than the transcribed records by Cornelius Koppenheffer for this church since the transcribed records are incorrect.  It should also be noted that all four Solomon Himes are great-grandsons of the original John George Heim who settled in Armstong county, Pennsylvania in the early 1800's (see my earlier blog post regarding him).  Other records for the above men and their spouses such as obituaries and military records are available.  All I have attempted to do here is to connect each Solomon Himes with his parents and to give a reason for doing so.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Who were Christian and Samuel Himes' parents?

It has been a long time since I've posted on this blog but I hope to do better in the future.  The evidence for John George Heim and his five sons who migrated to Redbank Township in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania in the early 1800's is meager.  It is sometimes difficult to place Heim/Himes individuals into the right family groups.  Such is the case with Christian and Samuel Himes.

Christian Himes born about 1814 and Samuel Himes born about 1817 were brothers.  Both of them appear in the 1840, 1850, and 1860 censuses in Redbank Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. 

All evidence suggests that their parents were John George Heim, Jr. and his wife Susanna.  John George Heim Jr. (born 11 December 1776) was a son of John George Heim, Sr. and Rosina Miller.  The Jr. and Sr. were added to differentiate them from one another.  Both John George Heim Sr. and John George Heim Jr. appear in the 1820 census in Redbank Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.  John George Heim Jr. has 2 males under the age of 10 in his household (Christian and Samuel).

Both John George Heim Sr. and John George Heim Jr. also appear as communicants on 12 December 1824 when the Lutheran pastor Gabriel Adam Reichert visits the Redbank area.  Georg Heim (Sr.) and Georg Heim Jr. and Susanna take communion with others (see the Journal of Gabriel Adam Reichert by Paul Miller Ruff).

Probate records from 1829 to 1832 at the Armstrong County Courthouse in Kittanning, Pennsylvania for George Himes include letters of administration, a list of appraised property, a vendue list, and an account.  William Orr was named administrator for the estate of George Himes.  William Himes and Jacob Himes appraised his property.  The vendue list and account names George Himes' relatives and neighbors.  The estate papers do not indicate any relationships other than names.

The probate records are believed to be those for George Heim Jr. rather than George Heim, Sr. since George and his wife Susanna disappear as sponsors for any children after 1829 but were sponsors for three children prior to December 1829 at the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (Yeany's) in Shannondale, Redbank Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.  (Susanna appears as a sponsor for a child by herself on18 January 1829).

Susanna later remarried Christian Shoffner.  Her will dated 8 February 1868 was probated in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.  It names her husband Christian Shoffner and her sons Christian Himes and Samuel Himes.  (She leaves her estate to her husband Christian Shoffner and to Christian and Samuel Himes' heirs if her husband Christian died before her since her sons had already died).

Saturday, April 13, 2013

John George Heim and Children

It's been awhile since my last post but there was a lot going on at home.  I caught my grandson's respiratory illness, my husband and I had a home project completed, and we made a trip to Maryland and Pennsylvania to visit family.

The next family I want to discuss is John George Heim and his children who moved to the Redbank area of Armstrong County from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania between 1808 and 1820.  John George Heim was a son of John George Heim and his wife Mary Margaret and was born on 26 September 1758 and was baptized at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on 10 February 1860.  He and his wife Rosina Miller were married on 15 May 1774 at Christ Lutheran Church in Stouchsburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  They had the following children:

1.  William was born 27 February 1775 and was baptized on 7 May 1775 at the Himmel Church in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

2.  John George was born 11 December 1776 and was baptized April, 1777 at the Himmel Church.

3.  Jacob was born 21 March 1782 and was baptized 14 April 1782 at the Himmel Church.

4.  Christian was born 26 June 1784 and was baptized July, 1784 at the Christ Lutheran Church in Stouchsburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

5.  Maria Catharina was born 13 March 1787 and was baptized 29 April 1787 at the Himmel Church.  She married Lawrence Baughman in Northumberland County on 24 April 1806.

6.  Elizabeth was born 12 November 1789 and was baptized 24 January 1790 at the Klinger Church in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  No further record has been found for her.

7.  John who was born between 1770 and 1780 may also be his son since he appears in Redbank Township, Armstrong, County in the 1820 census.  Jacob "Heym" and his wife Catharina were sponsors at the baptism of John's son Jacob on 6 September 1807.

All of John George Heim's children except Elizabeth appear in the 1810 and/or 1820 census in Redbank Township, Armstrong County with him.  The last time John Geoge Heim born 1758 appears in a record in Redbank Township, Armstrong County is when he is recorded as a communicant on 12 December 1824 by the Rev. Gabriel Adam Reichert.

Much additional information with sources regarding John George Heim's children and their descendants can be found at the links given in my blog.  His children and their families will also be discussed in future posts.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

History of Redbank Township and John Wolf

It's been about two weeks since my last post.  Hopefully others will be able to find my blog since it now shows up on Google.

Since this blog will be about the families that lived in Redbank Township, a little history of the township is helpful.  The present township of Redbank in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania contains only about one-sixth or one-seventh of the territory included within the limits of old Redbank township, organized September 18, 1806.  All of Redbank and Mahoning and a part of Madison Township in Armstrong County, and Redbank, Porter, Monroe, Limestone, Clarion and Mill Creek Townships in Clarion County were included in the original township of Redbank.  Clarion County was erected on March 11, 1839 from parts of Armstrong and Venango Counties in Pennsylvania.

Since my maiden name was Wolfe, this was one of the first surnames I researched.  We will talk about John Wolf today.  John Wolf and his wife Christina Wolfgang first appeared in Armstrong County when their daughter Hannah was baptized on 11 August 1829 at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (Yeany's), Shannondale, Redbank Township, Armstrong County (present day Clarion County).  Sponsors were Dieter Wolfgang (brother of Christina) and his wife Elizabeth.  John Wolf is in Clarion Township, Armstrong County in the 1830 census.  He bought 100 acres in Pine Creek Township, Jefferson County in 1834 which he and his wife Christina sold/transferred to their son Michael in 1847.  Both John Wolf and his wife Christina lived in Knox Township (formerly Pine Creek Township), Jefferson County from 1834 until their deaths.  John Wolf died about April, 1859 and his wife Christina died about September, 1866.  They had the following children: 

  1. John born 7 January 1812-died 1874
  2. Michael born 10 October 1816-died 1854
  3. Jacob born 27 December 1818-died 4 April 1897
  4. Daniel born 3 July 1824-died 15 December 1890
  5. Hannah born 17 January 1829-died 31 March 1916
  6. Samuel born 1830
  7. Peter born 1836-died 21 September 1862
  8. Possibly Henry born 1815 

A signature was found for John Wolf in the estate papers of George Himes (John Georg Heim) who died in Armstrong County about 1829.  He signed his name Johannes Wolf.

Hope you enjoyed this week's blog.